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Orientation a privately owned and operated business established in 2005 from Delhi and in 2014 moved to Bangalore. Our leadership team has one foot in India's Silicon Vally Bangalore, home for high tech and filter coffee... and the other foot in New Delhi, which is second only to Mumbai for business opportunities.

Orientation is a budget oriented Bangalore based website design firm. We specialize in website agency focusing on graphic design, SEO, and interactive website development.
We also involved in ecommerce website development and ecommerce marketing. Aspiring to be No.#1 Digital marketing Agency.
Our array of services including website designing and custom development services that enable and guide online interactivity.
As a leader in the city of Bangalore and one of the 10 Best Website Design company list and having offices in Delhi and Chennai.
The webdesign and development services to clients in a wide variety of industries, although the Orientation focuses on Small-Medium enterprises.
Web Design team in Orientation is committed to website development, custom application development, content management, search engine optimization (SEO).
The web solutions packages, and services are focused on ecommerce and our services that extend the reach of your marketing department in ecommerce.
A team of dedicated online marketing and SEO experts are engaged in Bangalore studio working with multi-national companies, as well as local industries in a all sectors.
We are able to hire and retain talent here in the hi-tech Bangalore region. . Our team of experts highly skilled Marketing Professionals, Web Developers, Content Writers, Graphic Designer and Social Media enthusiasts. We are committed to the success of our employee's and encourage a creative and peaceful work environment that supports flexibility.

Our Web Design and Development work flow:

Result Oriented:
Result-oriented online marketing services in Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai and Coimbatore. We work with Small-Medium entrepreneurs Pan India to not only ensure best practice of professionalism but also to ensure it is affordable by all.

Our Method of working:

One - Meeting and Consultation - Here we understand the need of the clients. 

Two - Design and Development - Frame work for the Website is conceptualized 

Three - Competitive measurement - Do the competitive analysis and set the benchmark. 

Four - Marketing Analysis - understanding the size of the market and potential to tap. 

Five - Market Segment and Targets - Segmenting the marketing and hitting the targets. 

Six - Online Marketing Planning - A Plan of action to go forward. 

Seven - Ranking High on Google - Get the website ranking high on Google and other search engines.

Eight - Lead Generation / Conversion - To get lead you need good traffic. 

Nine - ROI calculation - Return on investment calculation. 

Commitment | Honesty | Integrity

With a planned and well executed online marketing strategy, analyzing methods with the main focus on lead generation to ensure every clients of ours getting best out of Internet.
We really want our customers and their business success. We just don't sell a Car, but also with a driver and mechanic.
Our focus is always on the customer first and we enjoy their success as ours.


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