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Best eCommerce Advice

7 dynamic e-commerce experts share their best advice for future entrepreneurs

1) J. Keitsu Sorenson: Never stop testing
Keitsu Sorenson, a multi-millionaire breakdancer from Iowa, is the founder of Drop Ship Legacy and a number of other e-commerce stores. He believes in taking your passion to the next level and continuing to expand.
As he says in his eCommCon video, “If you’ve ever felt passionate about something, chances are you can use that same energy and desire for your business. Then, focus on three things: the need to test, the need to diversify, and the need to reset,” Keitsu explains.
“It’s no secret that in e-commerce you have to test relentlessly.”

2) J. Trevor Chapman: Idealize, then get to work
From $200 to over $1M in sales after only three months, J. Trevor Chapman is an online business pro.
At 33 years old, he decided to start working on the life he always imagined for himself.
“Until this generation, it was likely that your life would look very similar to that of your father’s, and his father’s, and on and on for a thousand generations,” Trevor explains.

3) Beck Power: Everyone is capable of making it; why not you?
Beck Power, a digital nomad and co-founder of businesses such as NomadFly, a flight hacking online course, specializes in bootstrapping products that quickly become profitable.
Says Power, “We live in a world where anyone, from eight-year-olds to eighty-year-olds can make money through their iPhone. The playing field has been leveled, and the only thing that’s holding you back is yourself.”

4) Jeff Bunting: Focusing on many ‘small’ products is better than one ‘big’ product
Jeff Bunting, an avid supporter of dropshipping and the founder of Dropship Mastery, a program that educates students on e-commerce, understands the value of selecting the right products to earn profit rapidly.

5) Kristian Edgerton: Don’t invest more than you have
Kristian Edgerton is one of the four founders of Tayroc, a business focused on selling luxury watches all over the world. While the company is a massive success today, the beginning stages were difficult to get past.
From experience, Kristian and his co-founders learned that starting off small is often the best plan of attack when launching a new e-commerce business.
“Don’t invest too much money in the beginning so you aren’t as pressured to earn the money you invested back. Always start off small and don’t put too much pressure on yourself. If you don’t get your first sale in a month, don’t give up. It took us two months to earn our first sale,” Kristian states. It’s always hard to start, but eventually you’ll see the hard work paying off.
Tayroc expects to see $15M in revenue by the end of this year.

6) Nathan Resnick: Build a foundation
Nathan Resnick is a serial entrepreneur and the CEO of Sourcify, a platform that makes e-commerce manufacturing easy. He used to live in China and speaks Mandarin fluently. As a supply chain expert, Nathan advises e-commerce entrepreneurs to ensure they work with a scalable factory.
“When starting off, it’s crucial to go directly to a factory in order to increase your margins. Though they may not have as many product category offerings as a trading company, they’ll often have much better pricing. As you scale, you’ll also want to work with a factory that can help you cut costs over time.”

7) Chris Vitalis: Time is valuable
As the founder of E-Commerce Ninjas, Chris Vitalis has spent years working with a team of seasoned e-commerce store owners, digital architects, strategists, and creatives, helping entrepreneurs launch and grow their businesses, while making them successful in the process.
Throughout this time, he has realized one very important thing


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