As a active Digital marketing company, we are increasingly hearing many SME entrepreneurs who feel short-changed by the web design company . Our industry instead of giving the optimized, revenue-generating marketing platform, giving them Design-Driven “ DIGITAL BROCHURE” .
These website are rarely engineered from the ground up to be SEO-friendly. That is the reason 90% of websites fail to achieve any meaningful, organic search engine visibility.
One of the reasons I decided to write this blog was because of the endless stories we’ve heard from disappointed SM entrepreneurs, business owners. The story is always same, a referral from a friend, or a friend is a web designer, or from trade directories select a web design company based on style and pricing.
The new site launches and the business’s ranking do not change or worse than before, because of poor transition practices, previous SEO equity (whatever little achieved) from the old is lost and diminished. What happened? The pretty little website buried in the depths of Cyber Sea is investment drowned.
Most with the excitement of getting the new website created, SEO-Search Engine Optimization- is hardly discussed. When short listing a web designer or web design company make sure to discuss SEO, marketing goals and ROI-Return on investment- at length rather than only focusing on Graphic Design and website features.
When we told many potential SMEs and start-ups, their brand new website is virtually useless and that it may need a total redesign to achieve their Marketing goals, they were really shocked.
You don’t buy car because of its paint color is your favorite or they have best Stereo system fitted, same way for website also . Like in car what is underneath the hood is important, in website also what is going inside is more important.
Web Design is like Building a House
Look at this way: If a house were engineered and built by an interior designer it would collapse. Like the website can’t be build by Graphic Designers. Most website these days are, in fact, created by Graphic Designers with little bit knowledge of coding. It takes an entirely different set of skill to create an optimized inbound marketing platform, which is what you need to attract and convert traffic into sales.
The problem is that website designers are digital artists. THEY ARE NOT MARKETING PROFESSIONALS or SEO consultants.
In order to disrupt the status quo, web designers need to embrace marketing and SEO and business owners need to recognize the importance of websites and treat them as true investments.
A design driving process is perfect for print advertising and product catalog. But websites are very different. Your audience is not captive at all- they have total freedom to choice, and their choices are heavily influenced b y Google. If a visitor doesn’t like you, they are gone. You’ll be struggling to get them back, especially your website failed to present your ‘UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION” (USP)
The author is CEO Business Orientation, a company blended IT skill + Marketing knowledge to provide world class Web Development / E-commerce Platform for both B2B & B2C. Please do visit the company website

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