A useful article for SEO experts: Written by: Carolann

Google is the most used search engine. As marketing manager you need to know that Google offers additional information that is sometimes ignored and available through special commands.

By typing advanced commands in the search engine, you can filter the results and get more precise answers on a keyword, or simply check your website indexation. These commands are important in helping you improve your ranking.

Nowadays, everyone is capable to make a search based on « keywords » in Google. Although these classic searches may enable you to find interesting results, it is also necessary to know special commands to be able to question the search engine better and that these could help you to improve your SEO.

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How do you choose the right SEO keywords?

The choice of targeted keywords for a website forms a major step during the implementation of an SEO strategy. To drive maximum traffic to a website during its launch, we try for example, to avoid overly competitive keywords and keywords with only a poor search volume.

To start, you need to identify and select keywords related to the business sector of your website. It is necessary to watch every keyword that has a real interest for your website with attractive ranking possibilities.

A Keyword’s value is defined by its popularity and generated traffic. The feasibility will mean that you have access to different levers allowing you to envisage a good ranking on targeted terms, within a reasonable time.


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