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Most of the business house does pay careful consideration into design, look and usability etc. Why? all these efforts are geared towards providing valuable information visitors are look for or seeking.  But all of that hard work has no meaning or wasted effort if the website visibility is zero and the customer never see a the website at all.
It is like baking a good looking Cake without sugar incorporated into it.  Yes Search Engine optimization has long been the main ingredient like Sugar in the cake. With the right keywords on pages, it will feature prominently in search results, standing above the competitors and visible to customer attention.
A good SEO have to start at the design layout itself. Like most think SEO is not a sugar added to the Coffee, but a sweetness incorporated into cake at the baking stage. Any business website if not ranking high, all your efforts into developing a good website waste of time and resources.
Any professional web designer must keep the latest updates of Google algorithm changes. SEO is no more key word stuffing. It is a long term strategy combined with every day tactics.
Here are a few things businesses can do to ensure their sites are search engine ready.

Image SEO:

Optimizing your images is one SEO strategy. Give Alt-Tag to all the pictures in your website.  Name the pictures with a right keyword the customer are likely to use for products or services.
Regular updates:
The objective of the Google is to remain helpful to customers who uses every day to know or buy one of other thing. Google prefers to provide update information to its visitors, so Google prioritize the website that is updated frequently.  Mark couple of pages in your website and keeping adding or modifying information on a day to day basis. This will be a good SEO strategy.

Optimize your URLs

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A clean URL is an opportunity for SEO. What is clean URL and an URL even Google can;t read.
Most visitors prefer to click on the website where URL is well defining what is their product or service. If your services are location based don’t forgot to add your location into your website.

Make it mobile:

An increasing number of customers now conduct searches using their mobile devices. Google realizes this and penalizes sites that aren’t mobile-friendly. A responsive website a single version for desktop, tablet, and mobile phone.

Keeping the website up-to-date with technological advances is the benefit of a responsive website.
Below are some statistics gathered from the Pew Research Center that further highlight the importance of companies having an online presence?

72% of internet users said that within the past year, they used online search vendor development.
• 77% of these individuals said that the way they searched for product information was by using Google, Bing, or Yahoo.
• 31% of cell phone owners, and 52% of Smartphone owners, use their mobile devices to search for their product search.
• 1 out of every 5 internet users have considered online reviews and rankings of industrial product manufacturer before deciding which one to call.

Website download Speed is the name of the Game:

If a website doesn’t open under 2-3 seconds, automatically the mouse moves towards right top corner to close. Even Google penalizes slow-loading websites. It is not just limited just to webdesign but also the server where the website is hosted.
Your website’s layout and design could only make a difference if the customers can find you. How does it matter whether the website is good or great, if it is not visible.  It’s important to conduct regular audits to ensure your page’s design isn’t hurting your company’s marketing efforts.
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