Today SEO must be considered in parallel with other established lead channels such as Public Relations, Advertising and referral generation.

Given this vast change in buyer behavior SEO has risen from the ranks of technical tactic to full-blown marketing and growth strategy.  There is no straight path to any purchase today. Buyer surfs through their way and eventually fulfills some purpose by making a purchase.  Today’s consumers are addicted to instant information and places higher value on information.

A recently conducted survey of B2B buyers, and it found out nearly 60%+ the purchase decision is complete without a call to suppliers.

One thing is for sure, when someone goes looking for an answer, a product or solution, the determining factors in the success and growth is just about –showing up –preferably toward the top of the page one.

SEO is the medicine Dr. ordered and exactly what you needed to build and power a lead-generating website.  Take a close look at your website and your nearest competitors website or who is ranking on page one in your sector.  I know how important growth is to your business  and how challenging the lead generation can be.

Too many business owners and web designers treat SEO as an afterthought.  A website is not a marketing plan. You website should work as hard for your business as you do.  A fast and secure website is surely critical for your online business success, but it is hardly enough, if you don’t have a solid marketing and growth strategy in place. You organic growth with Search Engine Optimization –SEO- is the most important ingredient in your marketing strategy.

SEO is always changing; falling back can result in crushing blow to your business. In the last couple of years I have witness a systematic dethroning of old marketing and advertising techniques.  The new rule of marketing decides which business succeeds and which fade away.

Moving forward, SEO will be one of the front line defenses against competitors and the most direct way reach your prospective customers.

Close to 90% purchase or vendor development managers use the internet to search for their supply chain management.

Nearly 70% of the 90% depend on with generic search engine search

Half of them begin their search in their Mobile device.

Now the phrase “Google it” is synonymous for “find out” –“locate”- “search a vendor”-“look out” –“find a solution” . This in turn made Google an essential Armory in the purchase process for all business purpose. Whether you’re a B2B – Business to Business- or B2C – business to Customers– business house you have to depend on Google, if you want to have online presence.   In a simple language Google decides which company will be a prospective vendor.

Long back, any old website could land on the first page of their search results without any effort.  It is no more.  Googling has become a common place method of accurate information. Even a referral by a friend or business acquaintance goes through Google to obtain accurate information.  Google become the modern day Business Directory with bullet train engine. This made referrals in the firing line, no wonder many business houses losing business even with the strong referrals. If you don’t have professional online presence you are probably not in the business in tune with your competitor. This is not just a fact but a modern day marketing reality.

Customers or prospects are looking, but can you found?  SEO –search engine optimization- help easily find your business and your business can find success.   A business website should be marketing platform, not a digital brochure.  I have seen many businesses, rather they would cut corners and then fix their mistake, instead being more proactive about their online business strategy.

Don’t limit your business by delaying your SEO efforts.  If you want to grow your business you can’t avoid Google.

The author is the CEO of Business orientation inc. which owns web designing company in Bangalore   a website design and development company in Bangalore and having office in Delhi and Coimbatore.  Orientation is SEO experts in the area of online marketing.

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