Responsive Web Design

Have you ever noticed a website on your mobile device and the page is not laid out you have to scroll horizontally to read the contents? Want to know the reason, why the website was not responsive. A responsive web design is very important by Google measurement of quality website, it can make or break your business. Responsive website provides trust, authority and corporate image.
Here I am going to write about what is responsive design? why it is very much needed and how it is going to enhance your website reputation. 

What Is Responsive Design?

Responsive web design is a design style in creating a website that helps your website is accessible on any device. Mobile, Tablet, Ipad, Desktop and Laptop. Do you know nearly 31% of cell phone owners, and 52% of Smartphone owners, use their mobile devices to search for their product search. Smaller device is the first point of contact to your website.

  • Another survey say almost 62 percent of companies that designed a website specifically for mobile had increased their sales?
  • Not only does have a responsive website help mobile users navigate your website; it also increases engagement and conversions.
  • Responsive web design uses HTML, CSS and sometimes Javascript to move, shrink, grow, hide and show elements based on the users’ device.
  • How do I know whether my website is responsive or not?The image below explains what is responsive webdesign.
How does responsive web design work?

Making your website responsive is not a simple process. It requires advanced HTML and CSS skills so if you aren’t familiar with these languages then I suggest hiring a professional web designer. To make a website responsive it must use the following techniques in unison.
Fluid Layouts
The first step to making a website responsive is to switch from fixed widths to fluid widths. This allows the web page to expand and contract with the browser since its percentage based.

Do I need a Responsive Web Design?

The short, the answer is yes. In today’s day and age most people turn to their mobile phones when looking for a business or service. If you don’t want to miss them, my advice is to convert your website to Mobile friendly is a must.
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