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“Just Google It”

///“Just Google It”

“Just Google It”

Just Google It” This phrase is often heard. What does it mean? 

Have a question, Want to buy a product, looking for a service or vendor? Google it. We all know the reality of ‘Just Google it”.
But the question is, your company website can answer any question related to yours?
The digital world is a wonderland. Google sits pretty at the center of it all. Intimidated by Google?
Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t -you are RIGHT” – Henry Ford.
Your website, after all, isn’t an end in itself but a means to an end. MORE SALES.

3 points to Consider you want your website to get business for you:

1. Your website needs to ‘Talk” to Google as much as it looks pretty.
Your website isn’t a digital display board. It’s also for Google. Google likes contents, not pictures what people like
2. Your website should have defined goals:
Find a way, how people get to your website and you have it in what they want.
3. Social Media outreach
“Social Media is the new wave”- but without having a good Google friendly website, your SM efforts is waste.
Many are active on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook-these are good assets but not for you or your company. Your Digital asset is your own website.
A good strategy to get best out of your website is to blend all together.
Why is a website is so important?
Developing a good website for your business is not an expense but an investment. Understand the purpose of your website, your website is not a digital catalog. But your 24×7 marketing Headquarters.
Let’s get Started

Checklist of a website:

1. Is the website Define the Business Goals?
2. Is the website target customers by segment?
3. Is there a deliverable business value?
In abstract the website should be getting as follows:
1. Should be ranking high in Google search
2. Should get the Click from Google or from Social Media site
3. When on your website, should be getting the answer for what they came in.
4. Should able to reach you by mail or phone.
Keep in mind, your customers are busy people. They have a meeting scheduled, phone ringing, as they search for products or service.
They are busy as you and doing multi-tasking.
Your website needs to be easy in answering their query instead of threatening.
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